Kerala Cuisine

About Sunrise and Sunset

Kerala is one of the most prime tourist destinations among others in India. lovingly it is known as “God's Own Country”. The sunrise and sunsets of Kerala are truly amazing. The vibrant hues of orange ,blue and sometimes red fills the evening sky ,where one can feel the nature’s beauty incessantly. Our Tour campaign are for ever and a day planned in this way so that tourist can enjoy both tremendous moment and enjoy the exceptional morning and evening.

Kerala Cuisine

Kerala lies along the coastline, to the farthest south west of the Indian cape and flanked by the Arabian sea on the west. Kerala is undeniably blessed with varied topographies. The capital of Kerala (Thiruvananthapuram) is full of amazing beaches. There are many carved temples with art galleries.

The interactive places near to this are monuments and museums. These cities are full of art so these are the most striking for tiourists. Alleppey beach is one of the flawless beach in Kerala which offers a conspicuous view of setting sun just before sinking into the sea. Everyone can feel the beauty of nature no one can take eyes off.

Sun in Thiruvananthapuram - Next 7 days

OctSunriseSunsetLengthDiff.TimeMil. km
22 Oct06:1018:0311:53:24−0:2512:07 (70.5°)148.890
23 Oct06:1018:0311:52:58−0:2512:07 (70.1°)148.848
24 Oct06:1018:0311:52:33−0:2512:06 (69.8°)148.807
25 Oct06:1018:0211:52:08−0:2512:06 (69.4°)148.766
26 Oct06:1018:0211:51:43−0:2412:06 (69.1°)148.725
27 Oct06:1018:0211:51:18−0:2412:06 (68.7°)148.684
28 Oct06:1118:0111:50:54−0:2412:06 (68.4°)148.644
* All times are in local Thiruvananthapuram time.