Kerala Cuisine

About Elphant Riding in Kerala

This programme gives the chance to gain experience of elephant safari. Hardly this safari takes 30 minutes of time through a spice plantation where the gentle breeze will refresh all with the spice-scented cool air.

One can also enjoy elephant rides to the forest interior and have a awesome view of wildlife from a safe distance.

Kerala Cuisine

From the ancient times onwards Elephants takes an incredible part of Kerala culture . The people of Kerala used Elephants in almost all functions and festivals specially in temple.So for Kerala’s people it is one prestigious thing to own an elephant in the family.

India’s largest wildlife sanctuary Thekkady is one of the pride for Kerala. It is the dream destination for tourist,specially animal’s lover. It is rich in bio-diversity with beautiful treasures of tropical flora and funa, nature’s bounty with great scenic charms.Thekkady is one of the countries sole tiger reserve, like a pleasing heaven on Earth for the nature’s lover.

Kerala is also famous for the Periyar wild life sanctuary, another best places for viewing wild animals. Private people only organised the Elephant ride at Periyar Sanctuary .Everyone can enjoy the Elephant ride with full swing. . The very sound of the name conjures up images of elephants, unending chains of hills, believes the close interaction between the elephants and the human. One can feel the beauty of arth by the rhythmic – scuff- scuff- scuff of elephant’s feet and creaks of the wooden howdah. It’s really an amazing moment. So visitors are encouraged to spend as much as time possible during stay, to know those wonderful animals. Murikkady is one of the hill town in Kerala. The windy journey to Murikkady offer a spectacular view of the gently sloping hills through the spice gardens.