Kerala Tour Packages - Holidays in God's Own Country

Kerala is a paradise of travel-spot in India. It is said that, “Kerala is God’s own country” and everything in this city has God touch that makes a flourish and fragrance surroundings in Kerala. There is everything and each and every aspects of beauty with health is flourishing in Kerala. Whether we talk about romantic time-spends or ancient therapy of disease cure or enjoyment of Fishing-Boating or Meditation and Spa the Answer will be Kerala. For total refreshment from body to mind you must visit Kerala with Kerala tour packages.
India’s coastline is dotted with traditional fishing villages; here, Keralites haul their boat up onto the beach.

If it is time to chill out, you have several choices. Very little of the long, sandy shoreline of the Malabar Coast, stretching 342 miles (550 km) from Goa down to Kanya Kumari, is developed by western standards. Unlike Goa, Kerala has few beachside hotels or cafes, and locals may well be upset by scanty swimsuits. For a complete escape, head for Bangaram Island.

Beauty of Kerala tour Packages are jotted below:-

1. Kovalam Attraction: The empty beaches punctuated with cliffs or fishing villages make wonderful places for refreshing and peaceful walks and a quiet swim. The two areas where beach life has developed are Kovalam and, to a lesser degree, Varkala; both are reached from Thiruvananthapuram. To seek out best of Kovalam, go to quiet Samudra Beach, with the fishing boats on Hawah Beach, discover restaurant on Lighthouse Beach (with a nice afternoon walk down to Vizhinjam village), and final peace on Pozhikkara Beach.
2. Verkala religious value: Varkala is quite different from Kovalam, through it may well change. This pilgrimage centre draws Hindus to the Danardhana Swamy Temple overlooking the sea, where they pay respect to their ancestors; after 5 p.m. non-Hindus may enter. A lane next to it leads down to the beach, which so far retains its charm. You can enjoy its white sands and promontory walks. There are also natural springs, the local town’s market, and, if you like, you can take an elephant ride into the nearby forest.
3. Ayurvedic Medicine: Ayurveda treatment is firstly practiced in Kerala and can cure the chronical and fatal diseases with the effect of natural things. The ancient medicinal philosophy called ayurveda has been practiced in India for atleast 5,000 years, especially in Kerala. Unlike western medicine, which seeks to discover and then eliminate what is making you sick, Ayurveda considers that disease reveals a body that is totally out of balance. Thus the imbalance, rather than the disease, is treated.

All the above mentioned beauty of Kerala will definitely motivate you to visit Kerala with Kerala tour Packages. We Skylink journeys Pvt. Ltd. assure you to provide the best services via Keral tourism for Kerala tour Packages.