Places in Kerala Tour Packages

Kerala has their owns beauty of natural touch and an essence with shiny water sparkle with an image of twinkle evening in the line of water that make a sound of heaven that’s called wonders of beauty and this is Kerala. Kerala is God’s own country with full of green beauty and pleasant surroundings that is associated with backwater cruise, resorts, house boating and fun of Fishing. If you are newly married couple and want to have a romantic honeymoon then schedule your vacation for Kerala with Kerala tour packages. Kerala has everything in their plate of fun. It will be fabulous if you and your partner will be on house boat in an evening of Kuttanad backwater cruise and nearby resorts will facilitate an amazing option for your accommodation to make your honeymoon awesome one!

Let’s check some amazing spot to visit in Kerala are highlighted below:-

1. Wake up to Malabar: Suddenly, Kerala’s hideaway beaches in Malabar are no longer a secret. Mozhuppilangad, the state’s only drive-in beach where travelers can speed right through the beach sands for over four kilometers is blazing a new holiday trail. The wind-in-your-hair drive through an unpaved path fringed by coconut palms is just what a beach buff would die for. The excellent views, the sun-soaked, pristine ambience and the adjacent Dharmadam Island add more fun to the package. To check out Muzhuppilanged Beach and a whole range of experiences that make Malabar a unique, exotic part of God’s own country. In Malabar you will wake up to a new world.
2. Samudra Beach of Kovalam: This beach lies to the north of Ashok Beach and is accessible through a detour past Kovalam junction. At high tide, the sea swells to swallow most of the beach, leaving behind a long sea wall that one can walk on to claim the awesome sight of large waves crashing on the rocks below. Very close to the beach, right opposite Hotel Samudra, is the Kovalam Sri Dharmasastha Temple, which attracts huge crowds during the annual festival, held in January.
3. Sulthan Bathery ‘a place for Trekking’: Sulthan Bathery spreads along either side of NH212, which connects Mysore to Kozhikode, cities 100 km apart from each other. The town is located around 30 km. from the trijunction of the state borders of Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. While its name is reminiscent of its rather unromantic part as an ammunition dump,Sulthan Bathery offers much more than stories about marching armies, munitions and battles that marred the picturesque and peaceful scenery of the area. History has defined Sulthan Bathery. It was once known as Ganapathivattam, or the circle of Lord Ganpathi, but its name was changed when Tipu Sultan marched into town with his army and started to store arms in a Jain Temple. Despite its grim and slightly defeating history, there is plenty of fun to be had in Sulthan Bathery , at the fascinating Edakkal Caves with drawings dating back to the Neolithic Age, the Chethalayam Falls and the Lower Wayanad wildlife sanctuary. The mountains within which Sulthan Bathery is nestled are also ideal for Trekking, with jungle trails that fire one’s wanderlust.
4. Parambikulam WLS ‘A superb destination for Boating & Trekking’: Parambikulam wildlife sanctuary lies south of the Palghat Gap in the Western Ghats, between the Anamalai and Nelliyampathy Hills, at an altitude ranging between 980 and 4,600ft. The sanctuary has no direct roads connecting it with towns in Kerala, and must be accessed from Pollachi in Tamil Nadu. There is a certain amount of grunt work involved in getting here, as tourists will have to negotiate with the forest departments of both Kerala and Tamil Nadu. The latter manage the Indira Gandhi National Park at Anamalai which has to be navigated to get to Parambikulam.

The Parambikulam Sanctuary, with its hilly terrain, peaks and valleys, offers a large number of trekking trials for the wildlife enthusiast. Peak like Karimala Gopuram and Vengoli Peak are favorites with visitors and not very difficult to climb. Treks also afford sightings of highly endangered animals like the Nilgiri tahr droppings. The three dams- Parambikulam, Thunakkadavu and Peruvaripallam- are all located inside the Parambiar River. Rowboats can be hired for boating at Thunakkadavu and Parambikulam. Mugger crocodiles are often spotted in the water or sunning themselves on the banks. Boating fee is Rs/ 100 per hour. It goes without saying that Kerala has lot more than above mentioned spots and definitely; you will have lot more fun there on your vacation in Kerala with Kerala tour packages. So; don’t miss the opportunity to roam there with your partner with Kerala tour packages.